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What is Hospice and Palliative Care?
It is a compassionate and holistic care for the patient and family. Physical, emotional, spiritual and social support will be provided. Care involves pain and symptom control, supportive listening and understanding Hospice care is about respecting the patient's rights and choices...
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PCAJB was registered in 2007 as an organisation with ROS and has made great progress since then. We started with one full time staff nurse and we now have two full time staff nurses,a part-time administrator and for the first time a full time doctor who was engaged in 2010.

I am happy to report that we provided care for more than 250 patients last year, about the same as the previous year. Considering the fact that the number of patients remained static, we are very concerned that many more did not get the benefit of our services. The challenge now is to be able to get most if not all of them referred to us. In an effort to make this possible we carried out a number of activities namely exhibitions, publice forums and talks to create awareness amongst the public and medical fraternity in particular.